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German Christstollen / from Dresden (traditional) (please share)

German Christstollen / from Dresden (traditional)


Stollen Dresdner Art

Recipe for 2 standard sized

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100g ground Almond

100g Almond slivers

330g Raisin / sultana

100g candied lemon peel und 100g candiend orange peel

1 Tablespoon Bitter Almond Aroma

8cl very good Rum (z.B. Old Monk Rum) alternative Orangenjuice

25g Vanillasugar

2 Cloves, The Seeds from 2 Cardamoncapsules, Seeds some pieces of star anise

The Peel an Juice from 1 Organic Lemon

500g flour (German Typ 405 – the light one not the dark!)

12 cl Milk

Barm/Yeast 42gramm (German Standard Size)

250g Butter (room temperature)  + 150g Butter later to melt

A good pinch of Salt

250g sugar powder / icing sugar + 150g to serve



  1. At first mix the ground, slivers Almond, raisin / sultana, candied lemon and orange peel, bitter almond aroma, vanilla sugar, the Rum or orangejuce and the peel and the juice of the organic Lemon in a large mixing bowl.
  2. Than grind the Cloves, seeds of the Cardamon, pieces and seeds from the star anise to a powder. It is ok, when you have some finest piece in the powder.
  3. Afterwards the powder goes to the other Ingredients in the mixing bowl, mix the ingredients and than put clingfilm/gladwrap/plastic wrap over the mixing bowl. Give/preexisting(?) the bowl in the fridge for 4-5 Days, the aroma starts to evolve.
  4. One Hour before we start the next step, we take the Fruit/Nut mixture out of the fridge. The 250g Butter should  have room temperature.
  5. Now put the flour, milk, and the bram/yeast in another mixing bowl an start to knead the ingredients to a dough. Than add the butter an knead it again to a dough. I dont no why, but i do 😀
  6. Afterwards add the Fruit/Nut mixture to the dough an knead so long as the fruits and Nuts are in the Dough. Now form a big ball, than cut it in to pieces with same size.
  7. Bring the two pieces of dough in a flat form of a loaf!? (Like a bread, you know?) 18x20cm. Attention! One of the long sides have to be thicker than the other long side. Put the longer thicker side 2/3 over the dough to the flat side. Now the dough should look like a hill 😉 Do the same process with the second dough. Give the dough upon a backing tray with non sticking backing paper.
  8. Than let the Dough rest for one hour. After one hour, bring the oven the 180 degree (C) in the US 356 F (that says my translator) an bake the Christstollen for 45-50 Minutes in the middle position.
  9. 5 Minutes before the Christstollen is ready to get of the oven, melt the last 150g butter, dont boil the butter to a dark color. Afterwards put the hot and steaming Christstollen out of the oven. Than elapse one time melted butter over the Christstollen and after that sprinkel the icing sugar over the melted butter. Consider the hot Christstollen will suck the Butter like a sponge, that is normal. Do the procedure as long as the melted butter is depleted. Butter, icing sugar, butter, icing sugar, butter, icing sugar …..
  10. Few Hours later the Christstollen should be could. Than take a plank/shelve or solid paperboard an wrap it with aluminum foil. Bring the Christstollen to the plank/shelve. Attention the Chrisstollen could breakup. Than wrap all together two or three times in aluminium foil, please be assure that attain no air from outside to the Christstollen.
  11. Let the Christstollen alone, minimum One Week, but better 3-4 Weeks, so the aroma can start to envolve.



To Nr. 8 in the oven: Should be the dough to dark from the heat, take some aluminium foil an put it over the dough. It is important that you keep the Christstollen in  view.



Natürlich Lecker


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