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Milchschnitte Deluxe (english)

Milchschnitte Deluxe (English)

Milchschnitte deluxe

Recipe for 6-10 pieces



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5 eggs

1 egg yolk

70g sugar

10g vanilla sugar

90g flour (the light one not the dark!)

¾ tablespoons backing pouder

25g Cacao pouder

250g whipped cream

40 ml bar syrup (in the video kokonut bar syrup, but you can also use honey)

3 tablespoons of instant gelatin or 2 sheets normal gelatine

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  1. At first combine the eggs and the egg yolk in a large mixing bowl and beat it until it is fluffy. The Volume have to triple. Start the  oven for 180 grade and air circulation.
  2. When the eggs got the volume, put the sugar and the vanilla sugar in the bowl. Whisk until you can´t feel any sugar.
  3. Now mix the flour, backing pouder and Cacao pouder and fold it in the egg-sugar cream. Give the dough upon a backing tray with non sticking backing paper.
  4. Bake the dough for 12-15 Minutes. After that cool the cake.
  5. Afterwards whisk the whipped cream with the syrup of your choice and the instant gelatine stiff.
  6. Now take the sponge cake an cut of the dry part at the edge. Than cut the sponge in half. In the following take the stiff whipped cream and put it on one of the two sponge halves. Afterwards take the other sponge board/flag and put it on the whipped cream.
  7. Cool the Milchschnitte in the fridge für 3 Hours, than cut it in some pieces. Finish


Have fun!


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